Introducing the author

I’m Pasi Lallinaho, also known as knome in IRC and various other places. I’m a 28-year old husband and entrepreneur from Helsinki, Finland.

My company Digitoucan provides services on graphic design, web and content consultancy. I’m a self-taught professional, and I’ve worked within the business for over 10 years.

Education-wise, I am a bachelor of social services.

My work with open source

In 2006, I both converted to Linux-only desktops and started contributing to open source. My first contributions were user support and marketing work with the Rokymotion marketing team in the Amarok project, where I stayed for about two years.

In 2008, I joined the Xubuntu team, working as the Marketing Lead from September 2008 to April 2010. During the years, I’ve worked with the Xubuntu team a lot, also involving on the user support at IRC as well as operating the both #xubuntu-namespace IRC channels. You can see a brief list of major things I’ve worked on for Ubuntu in the Ubuntu wiki.

In 2010, I founded the Shimmer Project with Steve Dodier. The Shimmer Project kept on contributing artwork for Xubuntu, but spread to help other projects too. These projects include the Albatross, Bluebird and Greybird desktop suites and the Shimmer layout, extension and modification for gmusicbrowser.

In 2011, I was elected as the new Xubuntu Project Lead. The overview of my plans for the near future with some really kind words of support can be found at my nomination wikipage.

In 2012, I started published some WordPress plugins I’ve been building during the years for open source projects as well as some of my clients. This backs the idea of open source being in the core of my business. I plan to keep giving back to the community in the future, too.

In 2014, my extended Xubuntu Project Lead term ended with the 14.04 LTS release. I’m now focusing broadly on various tasks with various teams.

Be in touch

For open source related and general messages:

knome at Freenode on #xubuntu-devel, #shimmer

Commercial job opportunities and inquiries should be sent to