It's free.

A new blog

I’ve long wanted to write a blog (again) in English. The reason I stopped writing in English the last time was that I ended up in the situation where I could not write about my personal things and feelings in English anymore due the reason that it’s not my mother tongue. Since that I’ve however dreamed of an English blog or at least blog entries written in English now and then. The problem has been that there has not been any sane reason to start a completely new blog neither or have I had the strength to start writing about my feelings again in English. The long-lasting problem has now been overcome.

What is the subject of this new blog then?

The idea and inspiration to start an English blog again actually raised from a need. Based on the discussions we had at UDS, I’ve been applying for a Ubuntu Membership. Many of you readers already know how this relates to starting a blog; Ubuntu Members’ blogs are aggregated into Planet Ubuntu. This is a great way to tell about the work we are doing on Xubuntu with our lovely team. This blog also gives me a good way to promote Open Source in general as well. So did the blog “It’s free.” come to existence.

Without more useless metaspeak, I humbly welcome you to read my new blog.