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Time to review our work and set new goals

We have received a huge amount of feedback about the newest Xubuntu release, 9.04. Some of it has been a tad negative but mostly it’s been praising. The most commented features are the new artwork (which also got a very praising review) and Xfce 4.6, as expected. We have also noted a good trend amongst people to switch from other Ubuntu flavors to Xubuntu.

Another subject has been boot load time and overall performance, on which people have had positive and negative experiences. On the other hand Xfce 4.6 is really fast to load but there has been some bugs in the session startup (bug 363664). Also not all people who migrated from Ubuntu, Kubuntu or other distributions have been satisfied on how much faster Xubuntu has been. See the bottom of the post for a list of performance comparisons done. Also feel free to point us to any other you might find.

Now it’s a good time to see what we can improve to deliver the best release again to our users. I personally promise to do my best again to create and deliver the best looking artwork. Our other areas of interest are making the boots and sessions even smoother and faster and selecting the best set of applications. We are also continuing the efforts to make the Xubuntu/Xfce documentation even better and to gain more contributors and members to our team.

Performance comparisons: