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Panels disappearing and other frequently asked questions

We give a huge bunch of user support at #xubuntu. After each release, there’s a peak for the need of user support. Here’s some of the most asked questions after the Xubuntu 9.04 release.

Getting Xubuntu

Where can I download Xubuntu?

See and

Is there ShipIt service for Xubuntu?


Upgrading and installing

Can I upgrade from (K)Ubuntu 8.10 to Xubuntu 9.04?

Not directly. You can first install the xubuntu-desktop meta-package and remove your (K)Ubuntu related packages following the instructions at Now you are on a Xubuntu 8.10 system, and can upgrade to Xubuntu 9.04 normally.

The installation stops at 15-20%. What’s wrong?

You most possibly have too little resources. Try the alternative CD.

What is the difference between the desktop and the alternative CD?

Desktop uses a graphic installer and works as a live CD. You can try it before installing. Alternate uses a text based installer and you don’t get to try it first, but it also uses less memory for installing.

Are Xubuntu and Ubuntu identical?

No. The major difference is the Desktop Environment used; Xubuntu uses Xfce while Ubuntu uses Gnome. However Xubuntu and Ubuntu use the same repositories and base system. Minor differences include different sets of default applications and settings.

I want ext4 but I don’t have that option in the installer. What do I do?

You have to use the alternate CD if you want ext4.

Why does the Update Manager not have the button to upgrade to Xubuntu 9.04?

You have to install all updates first. If it still doesn’t show up, see Settings > Repositories > Updates from Synaptic and set “Show new distirbution releases” to “Normal releases”.

Can i downgrade from 9.04 to 8.10?



My panels disappeared. How do I get them back?

Press Alt+F2 and run xfce4-panel. See also

My desktop icons and files disappeared. How do I get them back?

Press Alt+F2 and run xfdesktop.

Does Xubuntu 9.04/Xfce 4.6 have a menu editor?

No, it doesn’t.

Can I add Gnome panel applets to my Xfce panel?

Yes you can. Try adding the XfApplet applet to your panel.


My resolution is only X but I want Y! What should I do?

The installer might not have detected your graphics card correctly. Try using a restricted driver.

How can I use (restricted) driver X?

See Applications > System > Hardware Drivers.


How to use multimedia keys?

Open the Keyboard settings (Applications > Settings > Keyboard) and open the Application Shortcuts tab. Click add and follow the shortcut wizard. The shortcut commands are amixer sset Master 5%- for volume down, amixer sset Master 5%+ for volume up and mute for mute.

I’m having major problems with Pulseaudio. How do I fix it?

Pulseaudio just doesn’t work for everybody. You can try if uninstalling it helps; sudo apt-get remove --purge pulseaudio gstreamer0.10-pulseaudio in Terminal or remove both packages from Synaptic.


Is OpenOffice in Xubuntu?

It’s not installed by default, but you can install it from the repositories – just install the package

“My question was not answered here.”

Refer to my previous blog article on Getting Support.