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Fill in the Ubuntu IRC channels

We want you, the Xubuntu user and/or fan, to join the channel #xubuntu on the freenode IRC network. While our average user count was 90 a few months ago, it’s now about 60. We want more people! As the Karmic release comes closer, we start to prepare for the next big wave of questions – you can be part of the helping team as well. However please do remember that #xubuntu is for support, and if you want to chat about just about everything, you should join #xubuntu-offtopic.

All the other Ubuntu channels can take more users also – the #ubuntu-ps3 channel is quite quiet, so if you run Ubuntu on your PS3 or have some experience in it, please don’t hesitate to join.

You can find an exhaustive list of all the Ubuntu IRC channels on the Ubuntu wiki page Internet Relay Chat.

Edit: As Fabian pointed out, there is a web interface for Freenode IRC network.

If you are lazy, you can use a direct link to get the channels box filled out with #xubuntu or even a direct link to join #xubuntu with a mouseclick with a random nick.