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A compact Thunderbird folderpane, revision 2

I’m back with the folderpane fix I showed you earlier. This time there’s even a few more “features” and all the glitches (from my  point of view) have been fixed. Here’s how my folderpane looks right now:

A compact Thunderbird folderpane, revision 2

First of all, you can see how I’ve removed the icons from the “normal” subfolders in Inboxes. Those aren’t really necessary. Also, I’ve styled the folders so that their backgrounds differ from the folderpane default background. The latest change was to make the selected folder distinctive from the other folders (see the “Personal” folder on my -account).

All still fits in my monitor with two panels and Thunderbird doesn’t even need to maximised. Wonderful!

Download my userChrome.css for Thunderbird, including a fix for the broken fieldset legends in the Preferences with a dark theme.