It's free.

Laying the groundwork

Since we launched the Shimmer Project, I have been working with our website. The website of course runs WordPress, because I have become a huge fan of it.

The biggest thing (and yet the most hidden thing) I have been working on is a plugin, which makes possible managing your projects under WP. Its features include projects, project catalogs, licenses, screenshots (still WIP), linking to a code repository (via another plugin) et cetera. We have done massive testing on the plugin, and are soon ready to make the first “demo” site public. For the plugin itself, you need to wait a bit longer so I can get it polished.

Although our project emphasizes on mostly anything you can see, I’ll also add the Project Catalog plugin to our site as well as some more WordPress plugins that have proven to be even more useful than I ever thought.

Feel free to check out and/or join us at IRC on the Freenode IRC network, channel #shimmer.