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A new mouse

So I went and bought the Logitech LS1. Black with green highlight stripe. The first impression is that it gathers lots of dust and dirt into it. I can live with it – no mouse can be totally clean at all times.

The mouse is also maybe slightly too small. A bit more robust mouse would give even better feel to using it. I will have to test drive this mouse for days, but I hope it will reclaim expectations about it. It still feels a bit weird, but I must not be too skeptical about it.

As I found no website which would have mentioned the dimensions of the LS1, here are some approximate numbers (width × length × height): 6 × 10,5 × 4 cm. Like many said on, it definitely is a little smaller than rest of the Logitech mice and/or the mice we are used to.

The LS1 is definitely a good mouse, but the big question is if it’s big enough to be comfortable to use. If it turns out I can use it without too much pain, using laptop/mini mice will become easier. If not, I’ll have to return to my old Microsoft mouse or go searching for a new mouse. I’ll keep you up-to-date.