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Improved performance!

Because my old Shuttle PSU decided to stop working, I had to think seriously if I wanted a replacement PSU (and probably mainboard also) or a new case and a bit more new components. I decided to order completely new components and have been using them for almost a week now.

The new parts (worth mentioning) are:

  • AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition
  • 2× 4GB 1600MHz DDR3 Non-EED CL9 DIMM

These have worked really well this far and I can feel quite a lot difference to the old components. Now Photoshop CS2 is starting in a whopping 4,5 seconds inside VBox with 4,5 GB RAM assigned. Sweet!

Even if the new case (Antec NSK-4000B II) is a bit uglier and bigger than my old one (Shuttle SN27P2), I am reasonably satisfied.

For what comes for the old PC, I am thinking of buying the replacement PSU regardless the 130+€ price tag (and hoping the mainboard isn’t broken – wish me well) and building a gaming PC out of it. I still have the 19″ ViewSonic unused, so in addition to the PSU, the only mandatory new buy would be a harddrive, assuming the mainboard isn’t broken.