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New Ubuntu branding

It’s public! Today Canonical published the new branding for Ubuntu. The brand is based on the idea of “light“, and is reflecting the four key brand values in the Ubuntu project; precision, reliability, collaboration and freedom. To learn and see more of the branding, head to the new brand wiki page.

As the Xubuntu Marketing Lead I was invited to a meeting with the design team and some key members of the community at Canonical offices in London. We got to see the new branding stuff already in Monday, and the new stuff is pretty much exciting. I had a great time there and got to meet nice people from the community, with whom we discussed the new brand and how it could be incorporated into the community efforts, such like Xubuntu or the forums. Thank you Mark, Iain and all of you who were there!

As you can see on the wiki page, we’ve already produced a draft of the new Xubuntu logo as well as a draft for our new website. You can start seeing the new logo on daily images anytime soon, and we’re working hard to get the new Xubuntu website published well before the Lucid release.

Feel free to browse the wiki page and see the new branding yourself. More news on refreshing the Xubuntu branding, artwork and website to come.