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This blog is not dead.

Due to quite a lot of work with my thesis, school assignments as well as some money-making job, I haven’t been able to update my blog as actively as I would’ve wanted. Of course, having been busy means that I wouldn’t have had anything to write about either. Anyway, here’s some links in a more or less brainstormy, taley form.

Presentation Zen is a site I accidentally bumped into when reading the blog of Jason Walker (who, by the way, wasn’t the musician Jason Walker who I was searching for). They had a nice article on how to make presentations in the TED style.

So, everybody knows TED?

Okay, so the PZ article linked to a TED talk by Hans Rosling about the myths of the so-called developing world with some very nice statistic artwork. Go to to browse them yourself.

On TED, among others I listened to talks by Benjamin Zander and Jamie Oliver. Awesomeness! Also, I watched a video by Ze Frank on the TED blog.

Ze Frank led me to, well And eventually to ScribblerToo by Mario Klingemann. If you thought you can’t draw, please do fiddle around with ScribblerToo. You sure can.

On a completely different journey to Internet, I wandered to Eran Hilleli’s profile on Vimeo. That stuff is gorgeous. Probably should dive deeper into Vimeo.

And finally, just a bunch of (alphabetically ordered) links that have been floating around too long in the “learn more” -section of my brain and bookmarks:

Sorry for the dump. I’ll get back to you with more serious tone later.