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Things that make and break the community

Seems like there is a lot of fuss about the discussion (browse to 21:00 and start there) had in the Ubuntu Community Council meeting. I can’t get over how well Jere summarized so many feelings about the discussion:

It’s kind of tragicomic [how non-main, non-Gnome, persons are treated]; the greatest things in Ubuntu are from universe and non-Gnome

Thanks for the awesome quote (and sorry for messing it up!). There definitely are days when I’m happy that I’m not a part of the official Xubuntu team, even if I think Xubuntu is one of the greatest operating systems ever. Now we’ll just have to wait if the recent discussion and all the follow-ups can start any positive change.

On another note, the Shimmer Project website got updated today as well as migrated to new hosting. We have been pretty active and productive lately, and we’ll most probably update our blog shortly as well to keep you updated.