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Xubuntu website soon ready to be published!

Lately, we’ve made some good progress on the new Xubuntu website. At last, all the theme- and plugin-related issues should be sorted out. We’re only missing some redirects now on the technical aspect. Currently, the site looks like this:

Xubuntu website draft on January 31, 2012

Much more pronounced, clear and professional than before, right?

In the following days, we will go through the content once more and update bits here and there. We are not aiming for a perfect site on-launch (even if that would be nice!) but releasing the new site as soon as possible and fixing the bugs and deficiencies along the way with you, our followers.

If you want to be helpful, you can either join us at #xubuntu-devel now to discuss the content before release or wait until the release and getting in contact with us as soon as you find a bug.