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Brainstorm! Contribute!

The Quantal cycle is on, and it’s the time to submit your ideas for the Xubuntu roadmap. Submissions are welcome until 13th of May. Read the Brainstorming the 12.10 release article on the Xubuntu website to learn more. A fancy infographic included!

I’m hoping we’d get some more feedback and ideas from the community this time before it’s too late again. Quantal isn’t even LTS, so more ambitious ideas are welcome too. Especially with assignees

Please note that if you don’t submit your ideas, we won’t know what you would like us, or somebody outside the current Xubuntu team, to work on. Please also note that even if your idea was world-class, the Xubuntu team is not able to implement every feature. Not without help. It’s a good time to start contributing too.

Yours truly,
the Xubuntu Project Lead

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