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UDS Copenhagen, Day 1

The first day of the UDS sessions are now over, and I thought I’d share some of with you in this blog.

Before we go deeper into the actual sessions and their agendas, I’d like to mention that it’s been a great pleasure to meet so many new friendly faces as well as old friends here in Copenhagen. There would be endless amount of interesting people to meet, discussions to be had and stories to be told.

After the video-Jono and the keynote speech by Mark Shuttleworth, we were into the sessions…

Getting started!

My first session for the morning was about empowering flavors to manage their own release schedule. The session was both really interesting and important for Xubuntu. It’s great to see Canonical is willing to give us more control over our own product, even so much that they are not limiting us to release on the same day than they are. We are probably doing that anyway, but it’s nice to have the option.

The second session for the day was about Ubuntu development videos. While the session was somewhat interesting, it didn’t have a lot to do with Xubuntu, so I relatively quickly descended to a half-suspending mode. I made Elizabeth send a tweet about it though, so not completely unproductive!

The last session for the morning before lunch was about gathering feedback on the release managing for the Q cycle. Generally, I agreed with most of the things said there, but there are still room for improvement. Definitely for the Xubuntu team too. I was only learning release management in detail in the Q cycle, but I can definitely see progress made even during that one release only, and I hope the release team will keep the pace up in the future as well. Thanks again Kate for all the hard work you did for Xubuntu and the rest in the Q cycle!

Lunch, plenaries and more sessions

After the lunchbreak there were some traditional plenaries, but the small amount of sleep last night and the long-awaited lunch made me so sleepy that I simply couldn’t absorb much of those. I even missed the QA-speech, because I needed to make sure I wouldn’y start snoring in the auditorium…

After lunch, we had the tiny IRC ops meeting between me, Elizabeth and Jussi, who I traveled with. “Lots” of familiar faces… We were joined by tsimpson via IRC and once we got started, we actually had some good discussions.

Off we went to the last two sessions for the day. Those were planning sessions for both Edubuntu and Lubuntu, and it was nice to hear what the other flavors have been planning to achieve in the R release. With the Lubuntu team, I also exchanged some ideas about managing our own release schedules as well as about testing, alternates, alphas and other milestones… It was great discussing with them, and I’m actually looking forward to have more interesting discussions on the Xubuntu sessions later this week, which Julien promised to attend.

The day isn’t over yet!

Starting from 19, or 7pm as some might prefer to say, we had the Meet & Greet event. We had planned an informal meeting with the nordic LoCo’s to get to know each other. Now we have plans to cooperate in the near future with our communities, web stuff and probably other things too. If you are from the nordic countries, join #ubuntu-nordic on Freenode now and say hi!

For now, thanks for reading. I will try to get another update in tomorrow after the sessions or just before going to sleep.

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