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Efforts on documentation

On my latest efforts to help the Ubuntu community at large, I have digged into the documentation area. Here’s a quick wrap-up of what I’ve done with the docs.

Earlier this year, I was approved to the Ubuntu Documentation Committers, mostly to be able to maintain the Xubuntu documentation branches and finalize the Xubuntu documentation rewriting. Alongside this big project, we set up a clear communication plan for Xubuntu documentation and marketing, defining where the user- and developer-facing communication should happen. You can see some of the results of these efforts in the Xubuntu documentation which can be found online at

In a vUDS session I volunteered for a new project. My motivation to work on the project and hopefully the effect of the project is to make already existing documentation more easily and readily available for end-users. I am glad to announce that the new new landing page for the Ubuntu Community help wiki was released today. I realize that refreshing this page is only scratching the surface of what needs to be updated in the community wiki. For that reason I also applied and was approved as a member of the Ubuntu Documentation Team Wiki Administrators team.

With all these memberships I hope I can be useful for the community and documentation contributors. While my main area of interest lies in Xubuntu, I will try to help with other efforts, especially if those can improve the documentation infrastructure or availability in general.

All of you who are contributing to documentation, step up and share your experiences to motivate new people to join the documentation teams across Ubuntu. All of you who have so far been only lurking around, step up and start contributing. To get in touch with the documentation team, join the IRC channel #ubuntu-doc on the Freenode IRC network or the ubuntu-doc mailing list. Introduce yourself and get started already!