Xubuntu Precise Pangolin roadmap

We have started to brainstorm Xubuntu Precise Pangolin! The Xubuntu Precise Pangolin roadmap will contain all the information you need to contribute, including the schedule for planning and all the items in the roadmap.

The first step is to brainstorm all the new features we want in, the bugs we really want to fix and the default applications we want to review. The brainstorming period has already started, and will end on Monday, November 21.

Assignees for ideas should be found during this month. If you want to take an action item, feel free to add your name/nick in the list too already. We will send an another mail asking for assignees for not-yet-taken items on when the brainstorming period is over though, so don’t worry about it just yet. Implementation for the features and other stuff will be expected to happen according to the Ubuntu Precise Pangolin Release Schedule.


  1. Wajdi
    November 16, 2011


    In Xubuntu 11.10 the Lidgtdm screen offers no way to shutdown, suspend or reboot the PC, as with gdm in previous versions, and you have to log in an account for that. Instead of an icon for power management we an useless icon for sound control. May you implement this function in 12.04 ?
    Sorry for my poor english and thanks for this great distro.

  2. Pasi Lallinaho
    November 16, 2011

    Hey Wajdi,

    we have a new lightdm theme (and a lightdm theme engine for that matter) in our roadmap for 12.04. The new lightdm theme will include the features you mention if at all possible to implement at this point. We are planning to present some accessibility improvements as well.

    Thanks for the compliment. (Your English is fine!)