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Roadmap closed

The planning period for Xubuntu Precise Pangolin has ended. All in all, we have fifteen (15!) roadmap items with assignees! Thanks for all of you who submitted ideas, discussed the roadmap items and took action items! By the way, there is still a few items up to grabs. The roadmap has been closed for direct submissions, and all ideas must now pass, and be approved the community meeting separately.

If we don’t get any counterarguments for the items (see my email about approving roadmap items) and everything goes well, we will be expecting to get at least 11 of these in Precise.

The four roadmap items that still need a separate approvals from the community after the specification writing part, which last all the way to the end of this month, are:

  • New default media player (audio)
  • Ubiquity “Application sets”
  • Rethink shortcut keys
  • Clean themes (GTK, xfwm, wallpapers) list

To be honest, I expect at least three of these to get community approval after none to slight discussion and reviewing of the specification.

Yes, you guessed right, the one I’m not sure is the new default media player. It seems that we have had a lot of debate about this during my involvement in Xubuntu; we have changed the default player three times! While I think gmusicbrowser is a wonderful player and am very proud to ship that as our default player, I think there might be some viable alternatives, especially those players that are really simple. A bit like Listen was when we shipped it. I’m waiting the discussion with lots of interest, but I do hope we will have a civil and as objective as possible, discussion to make the best choice for most of our users.

Let’s keep on working hard, and this will be our best release so far, by far!